PR Essentials: Where to Save and Spend

With the fast-paced nature of PR, it’s essential to have all the necessary PR tools in place prior to any media outreach. But as an up-and-coming brand, budgets can be tight, and it can be difficult to determine where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Below we help define a few items that you should spend and save on:

PR Essentials

Spend On:
- Product Images: As publicists, we can’t emphasize enough how much of a necessity product images are! Product images shot on a crisp white background are essential to meeting the needs of editors and bloggers. These are also wonderful tools for sales, for social media, and for your website.
- Samples: Invest in samples. Most media outlets with a longer lead time (such as glossy magazines) require samples to shoot. Not having enough samples means you could be missing out on the opportunity to be featured in the magazine.
- Website: Although the initial cost involved to build a website that conveys your brand’s aesthetic might be high, it does make a difference to bloggers and consumers. Creating a clean, modern site with an easy to navigate shopping cart goes a long way. In terms of PR, be sure you have a press page and crisp images on white background accessible. That way a blogger can pull images directly from your site to use in a post when they see a fit.

Save On:
- Printed Press Materials: Though glossy printed press materials always look beautiful, most editors will request and happily accept lookbooks, catalogs, etc. via email.

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