“Some of the best in the business."

The ladies of Moderne Press are some of the best in the business — genuine, sweet, and great at what they do. They are always able to get me excited about their clients and their willingness to cross the country to showcase a sampling of products (for us New Yorkers to see first hand) is extremely impactful. Quick responders and eager to help, they are an editor’s dream!”

— Stephanie Sisco, Home Director at Real Simple

"Incredible at what they do."

Moderne Press is by far my favorite agency to work with when pulling samples for stories. Connie and her team are incredible at what they do (always with smiles on their faces!), and they make my job, and life, so much easier! Happy to be able to call these amazingly talented girls my friends! 

— Marla Horenbein, Assistant Fashion Editor at Redbook

"Working with Moderne Press over the past few years has been one of the best investments I have made to date. They are a champion of our brand, think strategically about how to leverage opportunities to best reach our goals and have incredible attention to detail. Connie and her team understand the ever-changing PR landscape and are able to help us navigate how to best find the opportunities for us."

— Elizabeth Rees, Chasing Paper

“Delightful to work with.”

Moderne Press is delightful to work with. The team always keeps us up to date with anything new, as well as presents a wonderfully curated press preview each season.  The team is always timely and helpful in the most respectful way.  They are one of my favorite PR’s to work with!

— Rae Ann Herman, Contributing Style Editor at O, the Oprah Magazine

“One of my favorite PR agencies!""

Moderne Press is one of my favorite PR agencies to work with! The team is very helpful, friendly and prompt in answering requests and queries. Press releases are always concise and visual, giving me the info I need at a glance. Whenever I request suggestions for a certain product theme, the team is happy to oblige and is always on target. The team is always very gracious after they have received coverage for one of their clients as well.

— Erika Huenke, Editor-in-Chief at Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

"If you're serious about growing your business, you'll want the best people on your team. The team at Moderne Press are passionate about taking small-but-growing businesses to the next level. Every editor I've spoken with loves Moderne - they're smart, easy to work with, and great about the details (so important!). Moderne Press helped me think through how to build the brand for the long term, and we just wrapped our first event together - a huge success. We collaborated to throw an intimate party to officially launch my Secrets & Stories charm collection, and they helped make it a truly magical, meaningful experience for our guests. A+, job well done, and I can't wait to collaborate on our next event!"

— Trisha Okubo, Maison Miru

“Simply the best!"

Moderne Press is simply the best! They have been so amazing to work with and have done so much for my business. They go above and beyond and really do anything they can in every situation. The team is very well connected and have provided so many great opportunities for my brand. We are in contact nearly every single day, and I really don’t know what I would do without them!

— Lily Gray, gold & gray jewelry

"Truly go above & beyond."

I have been fortunate to work with the Moderne Press team for over 6 years and they are always such a pleasure to work with. Whenever I have a sample request they respond immediately and thoroughly to make sure I have everything I need. They really care about their clients but also about their relationships with editors; they truly go above and beyond with everything they do.” 

— Sarah Gerrish, Market Director at Redbook

The saying “third time’s a charm,” has never applied more for me or for my company than it does now working with Moderne Press. After connecting and staying in touch for a few years, and after working with a couple of other PR firms, I finally made the very smart move of signing on with Moderne Press earlier this year. Not only have we been incredibly successful in our strategy and ultimately, with our placements, it has been so pleasant and so amazing working with these two wonderful ladies. I joked recently to someone that their team is so organized they make the Container Store look disorganized…while a joke, it is not a far off description of these two. Organizational skills aside, what I admire most is their work ethics, honesty and dedication to serving their clients to the best of their abilities. We could not be happier or feel more lucky to be in such good hands!

— Amelia Lock, Amelia Rose Design